Deltaco Recycled Mouse Pad, low friction cloth, made from PET bottles, recycled nature rubber, black

  • 85,-
Lagerbalanse: 100+ stk.
Artikkelnummer: KB-200
EAN: 7333048025692

Clean and simple mouse pad from DELTACO made from recycled PET bottles. The low friction cloth surface of the mouse pad suits both laser and optic mouse. The back side consists of non slip soft rubber made from recycled nature rubber. If you're looking for a mouse pad for work that works and that is also friendly towards the environment, this is the mouse pad for you!

• Low friction cloth surface made from recycled PET bottles
• Non-slip soft rubber back side made from recycled nature rubber

Weight: 71g

Dimensions(WxDxH): 230x190x3mm

Package contents: DELTACO KB-200