Deltaco Keystone holder for DIN-skinne, skjermet, plastikk, grå

  • 65,-
Lagerbalanse: 58 stk.
Artikkelnummer: MD-122
EAN: 7333048031587
  • The holder is fitted with a snap bracket and will easily open on one side. It holds jacks with dimensions up to (WxDxH): 18x40x25mm, allowing a bending radius of 35mm.
  • A ground bar runs through the holder to improve a shielded installation and comes with an integrated label plate.
  • Fits jacks with dimensions up to (WxDxH): 18x40x25mm
  • Fits 35mm DIN rail.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 22x60x62mm.

Keystone holder for DIN rail, shielding, plastic, grey